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Car and Van hire in Ashingdon

Steve's Self Drive was established in 1982, offering car and van hire services to customers in Ashingdon. Formerly known as Steve's Van hire, our car and van hire services are head and shoulders above the rest in Ashingdon.

Our vans and cars for hire in Ashingdon has a fleet of well known manufacturers such as Citroen, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Peugeot, Toyota ,Vauxhall and Volkswagen. With such trustworthy, reliable names on our fleet, you're assuered to get what you want out of you car and van hire. As a member of the United Rental Group, We are among UKs best 500+ independent car and van hire service providers. We offer the best experience in the car and van hire industry for our Ashingdon customers on every rental.

We regularly bring new cars and vans into our ever growing fleet for our Ashingdon customers to hire, with a full fleet of Euro 6 vans available. We constantly work to minimise our impact on the environment reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. We understand the impact the motor industry has on the environment, and we do our utmost to reduce our role in that.

Steve's Self Drive should be your provider of choice for your car or van hire needs in Ashingdon. With a multitude of options available when you search for car and van hire in Ashingdon, be sure to choose the most customer centred, environment conscious and cost effective - Steve's Self Drive.


At Steve's Self Drive in Ashingdon, our fleet gives you a vast amount of cars and vans to choose from. From saloons to hatchbacks right through to MPVs, you're sure to find what you need quickly and be able to drive away in a Steve's Self Drive car or van before you know it.

Our prices for car and van hire are extremely competitive and you'll find it extremely difficult to find the same service for a lesser price anywhere else. Our team can discuss your car or van hire needs and show you this in just one phone call. They help our Ashingdon customers find the best suited car or van hire every day.

We have car and van hire services especially for you, whether it be for commercial or domestic use. With qualified mechanics keeping our cars running like new, Steve's Self Drive should be your first click on any online search for a car or van hire provider.