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  • Car and Van Hire in Rayleigh

Car and Van Hire in Rayleigh

Established in 1982 and formerly known as Steve's van hire, Steve's Self Drive's dealings were solely in Commercial van hire. We later delved into car hire, providing car and van hire services to people in need of a car or van in Rayleigh that can't be beaten.

Our fleet of vans and cars for hire in Rayleigh consists of many well known manufacturers such as:

  • Land Rover
  • MAN
  • Mercedes
  • Vauxhall

With household names like these, your car and van hire specification is easily met. In partnership with the United Rental Group, which consists of the UK's best 500+ independent Rental providers, we have become market leaders in the car and van hire industry for our Rayleigh customers.

We regularly bring the latest cars and vans into our fleet to hire to our Rayleigh customers. We have a full fleet of Euro 6 vans for hire which comply with the latest legislation and aiming to reduce the levels harmful gas emissions such as carbon monoxide. We are committed to bringing you the cleanest fleet of cars and vans for hire that you can find.

The environment is key to the future of car and van hire. We are looking to offer the newest diesel electric hybrid technology to our Rayleigh customers, so we can bring environmentally friendly solutions when you hire a car or van with Steve's Self Drive in Rayleigh.

When you're seeking out a car and van hire service in Rayleigh, you'll certainly find a huge selection. No service or price will compare to Steve's Self Drive, helping you hire a car or van in Rayleigh whenever you may need it.


At Steve's Self Drive, our fleet gives you many cars and vans to choose from. This includes cars such as:

  • Toyota Yaris hybrid
  • Peugeots 108, 308 and 2008
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Toyota Avensis.

With unbeatable prices for car and van hire in Rayleigh, long term car and van hire can save you money. Call our Rayleigh sales team for your car and van hire needs today. Our team speak to people in Rayleigh every day in search for car and van hire, so the perfect car or van for your requirements is never far away.

Whether your car or van to hire is for domestic or commercial use in Rayleigh, we have car and van hire plans perfect for you. All of our cars and vans for hire are beautifully valeted and maintained, so you can count on our cars and vans at Steve's Self Drive - the go to car and van hire company in Rayleigh.